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About Eye Movement Desensitising and Reprocessing-EMDR

EMDR is proven to be highly effective for individuals who have experienced trauma. At Care Alliance Counselling, we offer EMDR therapy as part of our counselling services. EMDR employs a body-based technique called bilateral simulation, during which a therapist will guide a client through eye movements to help reduce negative emotions and symptoms of trauma. 

How Does EMDR Help with Trauma?


  • Processing Traumatic Memories: EMDR helps clients process and integrate traumatic memories in a way that reduces their emotional impact and distress.

  • Changing Negative Beliefs: By targeting and transforming negative beliefs associated with trauma, EMDR helps clients develop healthier, more adaptive beliefs about themselves and the world.

  • Reducing Symptoms: Many clients experience a significant reduction in PTSD symptoms, such as flashbacks, nightmares, and hypervigilance, after EMDR treatment.

  • Improving Emotional Regulation: EMDR helps clients develop better emotional regulation skills, making it easier to manage distressing emotions in daily life.

  • Enhancing Overall Well-being: By addressing the root causes of trauma, EMDR can improve overall psychological well-being, leading to better relationships, improved self-esteem, and enhanced quality of life.

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